Sunday, February 10, 2008

Found Poem: What Makes a Good Leader?

-- A Found Poem --

It’s ethics and honesty,
integrity and compassion.
It’s backbone and relationships,
and appreciation, too.

It’s organization and decisiveness,
strength and motivation.
It’s humor and humility,
and visionary, as well.

It’s positive and focused,
collaborator and listener.
It’s supportive and affirming,
and motivator, to boot.

It’s agile and flexible,
perceptive and intelligent.
It’s appropriate and timely,
and present, for sure.

It’s being in charge…not in control,
desire to serve…not to impress.
You may not always agree…
but you can respect.

Now that’s a good leader!


ann said...

hi there,
I copied the poem to my entry.
I do credit your blog, btw
Hope you don't mind.
Thanks :)

Diana Guess said...
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